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Award Winning Interior Design

With over a decade of experience, serving thousands of clients all over Singapore and South East Asia, Quirky Haus has established itself as a client centric and boutique interior design firm – dedicated to the needs of every client, individual or business.

They say that successful use of space depends on the philosophy behind it, and the clever blend of practicality along with it. Quirky Haus has spent years perfecting this blend; finding inspiration to adapt to every project, and fully bring out the potential in every client’s space.
With three distinct companies under its umbrella, Quirky is able to handle interior design projects of any scale, and any specifications, be it residential or commercial projects.

Kachee Chin

Executive Director

Terms like these placed on award-winning chief designer Kachee has not stopped her from believing in what made this venture successful in the first place.

To be different is to understand, and the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the Client and the Essence of the space.

You see, whilst most people like to think that a house is merely a space, Kachee likes to strip that conception down, and create an identity – a home.

The lead interior designer of Quirky Haus is often responsible for convincing clients to completely tear down their old designs, deal with the look on their faces; then congratulating them when their revamped space turns into magazine-featured masterpieces.

Alex Yang

Managing Director

Without the right ninjas in the blend of soup that we serve up, Interior Designing can be a very consuming process. Commanding an attention to detail (and perhaps, some OCD involved), there are few that would thrive in this anarchy.

And then there is Alex. A seasoned Business Development guy in our industry, Alex prefers the personal touch – getting his hands dirty and keeping a close eye on the construction process to always improve our processes, and our service level.

Oh, an avid lover of coffee too.

Lopez Lam

Design Director

If you love the feeling of home that cafes give you the moment you step in; you’d love a chat with Lopez. The Chief Interior Designer of Quirky Idees, Lopez specialises in maximising the use of space and infusing that homely feeling we’d all die for – into any project.

The go to person in our firm for couples and dream homes; Lopez has built quite a reputation for him and Quirky with his strong flair for bringing across the Client’s imagination and taking it places.

Shayne Huang

Project Manager

Fact: Shayne used to be an archery instructor. Fact: He’s on-point (pun intended) with coordinating our firm’s resources to make every project a success.

Since his transition as Project Manager with Quirky, this young individual has never failed to consistently impress us with his ability to micromanage and communicate with our partners to handle every deadline on time and with quality.

A die-hard fan of cars and mattresses, Shayne’s desire to make everyone happy with the end result is the reason why we love having him onboard.

Zen Ng

Interior Designer

Google Dictionary: a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures.

Quirky’s Definition: As Cool as Ice Mountain. Zen is a bit like our in house Kimi Räikkönen, he is not your average chatter box but he means business when he is in his zone.

He’s been in this trade since he is 21 years old, a veteran in this industry where he is able to simplify the entire renovation process into laymen terms where clients understands easily.

Currently he also has the best complextion in the team.

Tan Xiao Hui

Office Manager

Your typical office manager in every firm…Not.

Xiao Hui’s experience and expertise has come a long way with Quirky, supervising our office’s progress and overseeing everything from scratch.

Her ability to multitask (seriously, you’d have to see it to believe it!) and provide the right advice for every matter regarding our office administration is another reason why Clients are blown away with our efficiency in every project.

Serlyn Tan

Project Consultant

William Tan

Project Director - Commercial

CK Goh

Senior Interior Designer - Commercial

Sebastian Gan

Interior Designer - Commercial

Valerie Koh

Interior Designer - Commercial

Carmen Lee

Office Manager - Commercial

Flora Ngoo

Interior Designer

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