23 Delta Road (Rivervalley), Singapore


3 Bedder Private Condominium
When personality becomes style.

What makes a house a home? We believe it’s the personal touch. A little something, to make the space truly yours. It could be a family portrait. A rug in a beloved colour. For Michael’s, it was all about bringing his sophisticated taste to life.

Going with Michael’s passion for the finer things, we worked closely with him to arrange his designer furniture and collectibles, while using their unique qualities to enhance the rest of the home.

We started with the kitchen. Michael wanted something unique for his built-ins, so we sourced an exclusive, high-end piece of granite to be crafted for his kitchen island.

To stay true to Michael’s love for the luxurious, we used deluxe wood laminate like Hermes Walnut and Jamaican Teak around the home. The wood is beautiful yet natural, making the home feel cosy and classy.

Leaving no stone unturned, we set to work on the living room. A set of sliding mirror panels was installed to encase the TV. When not in use, the TV console can be easily turned into a showpiece. This simple detail transforms the living room into a relaxing lounge, whenever the occasion calls for it.

A custom-made glass cabinet was also sourced to house Michael’s unique quartz collectibles, making them the starlet of the bedroom.

After all, what’s home without the things we love?


Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” -Nate Berkus