Edgedale Plains, Singapore


5 Room BTO (Public House)
Creating a home with heart.

Sometimes, we don’t need opulent pieces to make one feel welcome. For us, nothing says welcome like thoughtful design.

So when Ben and Irene asked us to design a space for their family and friends, we knew exactly how to build this cosy haven.

Nature has a way of making guests feel right at home. Going with a naturalistic look, we used wood all around the house. Kitchen cabinets were given a wood veneer, and mid-tone wood vinyl was used to furnish the living room. The result is a lovely, airy atmosphere that invites family and friends to kick back and relax.

In line with our natural theme, we covered the floors with cement screed. The characteristic cracking of the cement was retained, and we added chrome trimmings for a more striking look.

Finally, we focused on making the home feel spacious. Ben and Irene love to cook and host gatherings, so we built an open concept kitchen connected to the living room. With this layout, conversations can flow freely, and Ben and Irene can continue hosting while whipping up a storm.

Now all that’s left, is an invitation to loved ones. We’re proud to say that Ben and Irene have hosted several gatherings since. Beautiful space, happy guests. What more could we ask for?


A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words.” – Barry Dixon