Fernvale Link, Singapore


4 Room BTO (Public Housing)
Celebrating love, life and everything in between.

When your clients are born hosts, you know you’re not just designing a house. For the super hospitable Frederick and Rebecca, we created a space that any guest can call home.

Conceptualising of this 4-room BTO started with its centrepiece: An open-concept entertainment room.

We removed one of the living room walls, so as to create a seamless and spacious area big enough to host family and friends. In its place, we constructed a customised, double-sided television feature wall. The wall was outfitted with a glass panel, so natural sunlight could stream in.

Next, we started work on the second bedroom. To turn it into a luxurious showcase, we built full-length wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors. We won’t forget the look on Frederick and Rebecca’s faces, when they first saw their boutique-style walk-in wardrobe!

Staying true to the philosophy of maximising space and functionality, we customised a display niche for watches and accessories, along with a glass cabinet for handbags.

The couple also wanted a vibrant kitchen, so we opted for a pop of colours. This consisted of a bright sky-blue wall, complemented with off-white ivory cabinets and a light grey quartz top for easy maintenance.

When it came to tiles, Frederick and Rebecca were spoilt for choice. But we went with cool-coloured tiles for common areas for a clean, luxurious feel; and warm wood vinyl to give private areas a more cosy vibe.

After all, as they say, life’s a party if you know how to live it.


“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” – David Hicks