10 Cactus Drive (Seletar), Singapore


3 Bedder Private Condominium
The beauty of simplicity.

Minimalism isn’t just about having less. It’s about finding beauty in simplicity. With the right mix of the right “ingredients”, we can bring simplicity to life. And that’s how we created the perfect home for

Freddie, Lyn and the children.

For starters, F&L needed more space to accommodate the family. So we merged walkways around the home, and created an en-suite master bedroom with an open-concept bathroom, and a roomy kitchen for family cookouts.

The kitchen, too, needed to be family-sized. We got to work, making space between the cabinets for built-in appliances like an oven, steamer, fridge and microwave. Then we took down the interior walls of the kitchen, and built an open-concept island-cum-dining-table.

White is the theme for F&L’s home. To create contrast, wood and metallic brown hues were added to the house. This included a dark wood flooring that stood in classy contrast against the white, giving the home a luxurious feel.

Tapping on F&L’s knack for outrageous designs, we introduced quirky elements to their home. Novel furniture items like designer accent standing lamps and vintage block elements were added as decoration and feature pieces.

Patterns can add personality to a room. Through a mix of white subway tiles and metallic honeycomb tiles, we added a splash of character – without taking away from the overall theme.

Now this is the perfect home for Freddie & Lyn!

Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something. – Nicholas Burroughs