Flora Drive (Loyang), Singapore


2 Bedder Private Condominium
A harmony of form and function.

Great design doesn’t just please the eye. It also has the unique ability to unify seemingly diverse elements. To create a versatile home for Kachee & Shayne, we got smart with our usage of colours, materials and space.

Our first challenge was to create additional space, since the house doesn’t come with a storeroom. This led to the customisation of a series of cabinets, giving Kachee & Shayne a place for shoes, knick-knacks, and everything in-between.

But that wasn’t enough. To create even more space, we fitted the home with smart furniture. A beautiful wood coffee table with storage, which could double up as a dining table. A bed with room beneath, so bulky items like luggage could be stowed.

Next up, colours. Colours are a good measure of great design, as they can make spaces look good, yet also serve practical uses. For Kachee & Shayne’s new home, dark tones were applied to the kitchen to give a sleek look, and to ensure ease of maintenance.

Neutral palettes were used for the rest of the house to create a homely and welcoming vibe. The walls took on medium grey hues, which helps promote better sleep.

To prevent the storage cabinets from looking bulky, we opted for ivory and dark wood – a combination that blends well with the colours of the home.

As everything came together, Kachee & Shayne beamed with joy and pride. And this, perhaps, is true harmony: Form, function and the warm welcome of home.

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs