Kachee was very good in noting down our preferences & translating that into the design of our home. She gave us good advice on the design & layout, & I especially loved her recommendation in terms of the carpentry laminates, the design of the living room’s TV feature wall/storage space, & the suggestion of the frosted glass bi-fold doors. Would highly recommend Quirky Haus to all homeowners who are willing to pay a slight premium for good quality service & workmanship!
Lopez and the team at Quirky Haus are very approachable and easy to work with. Despite our very particular needs, including the construction of an additional room and a the very diverse personal preferences of our family members, the Quirky Haus team fulfilled all our requirements, all while maintaining great professionalism and humour. Before we moved in, the flat was dark, drab and messy. We have lived in this home for some years now, and the pictures above show how the renovation has helped us to settle in very comfortably. Everyday life has been eased by the team’s attention to making the space suit our needs.
Lopez and his team and Quirky Haus has been amazing being part of our renovation journey. Lopez rendered us with excellent professionalism. He was patient & accommodating to help us work towards our dream home by giving us suggestions and feedback along the way. He is responsible, dedicated and it was definitely a joy working with him & his Quirky Haus team! I will definitely recommend Quirky Haus to my family and friends because they deserves the best and Quirky Haus certainly did not disappoint.
A good Interior Designer must be able to identify what his/her clients’ wants and needs, and not the designer’s vision. Oak Health Chinese Medicine is pleased to have engaged Kachee and her team to be the Clinic’s designer as she pays very close attention to what we desired. She plans well, and is always readily available. Kachee was able to offer solutions to most of our problems and it was truly an ease having her to be in-charged of our project.
Pi Wen
Yes. Kachee is very hardworking and one can easily sense her passion for good design through her words and actions. She isn’t afraid to say no to our ideas, but with good reason, and that to me shows that she is not just in this for the money but genuinely cares about getting her clients’ homes right.
Mr Lopez Lam is very attentive and open to my ideas and themes of how i want my house to be. He’s very organized too and well-prepared whenever we came down to their office to plan the details. Mr Alex Yang, the owner of Quirky Haus Pte Ltd, is super awesome at making the whole planning of the renovation as stressed-free as possible, as we consulted them a couple of months after i gave birth! Both of them really made both me and my husband’s experience on renovating our first house a fun journey! Super highly recommended! Good jobs Quirky Haus!